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I studied international relations at the Cracow University of Economics, later I began my doctoral studies and finally I earned my PhD in management at the Jagiellonian University. Since the beginning of my academic work I have been passionate about innovation and the impact of location and ecosystem on business innovativeness.

While visiting dozens of European ecosystems, I had the opportunity to observe the importance of local community cooperation for the development of companies, in particular start-ups (highly innovative companies with a considerable degree of uncertainty). A remarkable aspect of this partnership was the mutual trust that allowed community members to share knowledge and experience - to talk openly about successes, but also failures and difficulties.

When I joined Estimote, a start-up from Kraków, I had the opportunity to experience the flow of knowledge between young entrepreneurs located in a small coworking space called Colab, on Berka Joselewicza Street. This is where companies like Duckie Deck, Reality Games, Everuptive Group commenced, and this place attracted a lot of young, ambitious people ready to devote their time for some bigger mission/idea of changing/"improving" the world.

It was there that my adventure with OMGKRK began, a start-up community bringing together key players from Kraków's innovation scene. Initially, I was just a passive participant in events such as Start-up Stage or Summer Jam, until more than two years ago when I felt that I want to take active steps towards creating an optimal environment for innovation development and to try transforming Kraków into a key innovation centre of the world.

I am leading OMGKRK for more than two years and, together with my team, we are actively stimulating cooperation between local technology entities, supporting early-stage companies, and building a recognisable brand of the region.

In Kraków, just like in case of its legendary Wawel Dragon, lies an extraordinary technological potential. It is a home for over 500 companies, nearly 50,000 IT employees and 9,000 IT students. Kraków is one of the leading innovation hubs, attracting both start-ups at an early stage of development and more mature entities that want to commence their activities here.

Unfortunately, like the dragon, the city also falls asleep from time to time, and its fire goes out. This is why this fire must be kept burning and even rekindled, so that Kraków can develop its full technological potential and become not only an extraordinary cradle of culture, but also a source of inspiration for future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators.

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