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Two years later, I spent three weeks at a summer camp in Nowa Huta. Then I started visiting Kraków regularly. Finally, I passed my baccalaureate exam, joined the Jagiellonian University, and moved into a dormitory. It gave me a roof over my head for seven years, because I decided to study a bit longer. I even started to consider committing myself to the university permanently. However, fate wanted otherwise. While still completing my doctoral studies, I began my adventure with public administration. After the Małopolska Voivodship Office, it came time for the Voivodship Public Library, and then for the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Voivodship.

But Kraków can also be a real pain to you. I felt it myself. So I said goodbye to administration and decided to change the atmosphere. I got involved in real estate projects and was away for three years. Then I came back (because I could not imagine it any other way) with a lot of new experiences and a slightly fresher view about this beautiful city. When you sit in one place for too long, it is hard to see how much the city has changed and what potential it has. Sometimes I wonder whether Kraków is really making the most of its own. And when I think about it, I come to the conclusion that it does. But it does it using the "Cracovian" way - with a sense of scale and a bit unhurried. Because everything here is a bit "verbose" and needs "framing". On the other hand, when you look at the city from the perspective of the last 30 years, the scale of the changes is impressive. And more are happening just on our eyes, as well as there is still plenty of space for the next. Nowa Huta is a perfect example of this.

When thinking about Kraków, we are naturally inclined towards history. Its magic, however, sometimes overshadows our contemporary achievements, which consist both of what is connected with the public sphere and what is happening in Kraków's culture or business. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of bold visions and determination to turn them into reality. Although sometimes we need more determination than we initially thought...

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