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For many years I wandered around the world, I lived in Belgium, England, China, I visited dozens of countries and hundreds of cities on all continents, but it was Krakow that stole my heart and never gave it back. Seriously, people often stare in disbelief and ask why this city and not another? The city of so many challenges and uncertainties ahead ... I always answer the same: nowhere in the world is like this. In Krakow, there is some kind of magical balance between the present, the past and the future. There is no place without flaws, but somehow this is where I found my place on Earth.

Krakow is a city of meetings, a city of people. It is a city where a lot of business, social and cultural initiatives are being introduced and developed. When we were stifled by smog, we gathered a group of enthusiasts of modern innovations and created Smogathon, a form of fighting polluted air with the help of technology, which has become a global initiative within a few years. When we wanted to create the largest hackathon in Europe, where was its first edition located? Yes, HackYeah took place in Krakow, in Tauron Arena. And iconic events, such as the OEES or the recent Megabit Bomb - guess where they were created? As well as other events strictly related to IT and modern technologies, such as Devoxx Poland, CONFidence, Mobile Trend Awards or a whole lot of events organized by OMGKRK, companies and local communities. And the enormity of medical events organised in cooperation with local universities. More? And when we decided to help the elderly and sick animals? - also here in Krakow. When the pandemic broke out, guess where we teamed a group that was looking for medical protection equipment for months and supported medics with a total amount of over half a million PLN? I don't know if all the above is a sheer coincidence or a fairly regular pattern ... Let me leave you with a final thought.

In general, the prevailing pandemic often has dramatic consequences for the city and its dwellers (I am a representative of the event industry too), but paradoxically, looking at it in the long term, it may turn out that Krakow will benefit from this situation. The key role here is the role of the Krakow City Hall and the inhabitants themselves, so the people who are the most important ambassadors of our city. It's time to buckle up and hit the road because the coming years will surely bring a lot of exciting challenges. And you, get down to work too, stop complaining and let's do something together because it's a pity not to take advantage of the opportunities we get!

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