World Youth Day 2016

  • A Safe Return By Train

    Are you going back from WYD on a train? Be sure to go to Dworzec Główny (Main Station) a long time in advance and follow the information signs in order to get to the correct entrance.

    31-07-2016 10:49
  • Łagiewniki, dinner with the youth and vigil with prayer in Brzegi

    Pope Francis started the World Youth Day number four with a prayer at the chapel of Saint Sister Faustina in Łagiewniki at 8.30 a.m.

    31-07-2016 10:46
  • What to see in Kazimierz

    Kraków's Kazimierz has experienced a lot. For years the old Jewish quarter, devastated by Nazis during the Second World War, was a part of the city that was better to avoid. Now it is flourishing.

    31-07-2016 10:00
  • Brazilians at WYD: God has a plan for each of us

    The grandmother of 23-year-old Victor from Brazil, who resigned from his medical studies to serve the church, asks sometimes: "Why did it have to be you who felt this calling?"

    31-07-2016 10:00
  • I won't see another night like this

    What are we interested in, besides our computers and smart phones in this world? Brzegi: a million stories. Everyone brought some sort of a testimony, maybe a promise. Or joy, perhaps. Reportage from Brzegi

    31-07-2016 10:00
  • The Pope's friend: rabbi Skórka

    Abraham Skorka, a rabbi from Argentina, received a personal invitation from Pope Francis to Poland, to the World Youth Days.

    31-07-2016 10:00
  • Towards hope

    Pope Francis did not come to Krakow with a naive vision of life as a street entertainment and festivals.

    31-07-2016 10:00
  • Ice Cream in Kraków

    For a couple of years now Kraków has been living through a real ice cream frenzy. So where can you eat the best ice cream?

    30-07-2016 10:40
  • To se nevráti (This is not coming back)

    Nearly six thousand pilgrims from Czechia participate in the World Youth Days, which is an absolute record. The number of Czechian Catholics who decided to come to Krakow astonished even the authorities of the Czechian Bishops' Conference.

    30-07-2016 10:36
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau, Prokocim, Stations of the Cross

    Emotions were high when the Pope passed through the concentration camp gates which displayed the motto "Arbeit macht frei". Pope Francis walked in silence, alone.

    30-07-2016 10:30
  • How to get to Brzegi

    Today and tomorrow, celebrations associated with the World Youth Day will move to Campus Misericordiae in Brzegi. "It's important to remember to bring your ID documents with you and not to confuse sectors. If you choose the wrong route to get to the Campus, you may not be able to get to the right sector," warn organisers.

    30-07-2016 10:27
  • The most famous tram in the world

    Kraków was the place where the Pope went on a tram for the first time in history. And it was a tram made in Poland! This was a special event not only for crowds, but also for individuals.

    30-07-2016 10:24
  • From Micronesia to Kasprowy Wierch

    The inhabitants of these Pacific Islands had to cover the longest distance to the World Youth Days

    30-07-2016 10:21
  • Towards Brzegi

    Yesterday was a special day in the history of the pontificate of Pope Francis.

    30-07-2016 10:18
  • Kraków's vibrant marketplaces

    Polish fruit and vegetables, local and healthy products, some antiques and knick-knacks and, in the first instance, true contact with Kraków, the everyday, friendly and calm place - you can find all of this at Kraków's famous marketplaces. They're definitely worth seeing.

    29-07-2016 10:31
  • They have arrived from Lviv, Ternopil, Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk.

    Ukrainians represent the largest group among pilgrims travelling from the countries east of Poland - over five thousand of them have arrived in Kraków. What do they think about the WYD, Pope Francis, the role of Christianity and problems in the church?

    29-07-2016 10:27
  • Upcoming events: Friday, Saturday

    Visit at the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Łagiewniki, St. Faustina Kowalska Chapel. In the evening arrival at Campus Misericordiae. Passing through the Holy Gate with five representatives of the youth. The plan for Saturday.

    29-07-2016 10:21
  • These nights are going to be very short

    The menu was consulted with the Vatican. The Pope is visiting Poland for the first time, also as a tourist, hence the menu is Polish.

    29-07-2016 10:16
  • Maciej Cieśla. "One of us" in the papal window

    The Pope could have mentioned one of so many, but he chose Maciek. A 27-year-old who prepared the graphic design for the WYD, and who had only one dream: to live. He died 25 days before Pope Francis' visit to Kraków.

    29-07-2016 10:00
  • The Strength to Act - why did they come to listen Pope

    How and why do they believe? Why did they come to Kraków? We asked pilgrims from different parts of the world

    29-07-2016 10:00
  • Pope in Auschwitz

    Today, Francis joined the ranks of popes who have visited the former Auschwitz-Birkenau nazi concentration camp.

    29-07-2016 10:00
  • Pilgrims! Don't be afraid of smog. Not now

    The smog from Kraków is known internationally. This is what pilgrims complain about and are most afraid of. Keep calm! In Kraków we have been breathing clean air for over 60 days!

    29-07-2016 09:58
  • Tłumacz nie zrozumiał żartu papieża. Franciszek nie prosił o ciszę

    Papież, mówiąc w środę z papieskiego okna na Franciszkańskiej do młodych, nie prosił młodzieży, żeby poszła spać i nie hałasowała. Wręcz przeciwnie: powiedział, że ich obowiązkiem jest robić hałas. Pomylił się tłumacz, który nie zrozumiał papieskiego żartu. Co zawiniło: kiepskie nagłośnienie czy sam Franciszek, który choć miał mówić po hiszpańsku, bez uprzedzenia przeszedł na włoski?

    28-07-2016 11:53
  • Finger-licking good! Taste some food without embarassment

    Cheese, meat, alcohol, honey, pastry and even ice-cream - Kraków and Lesser Poland have a wide range of regional and traditional produce on offer. Every foodie should try the delicacies from this region.

    28-07-2016 10:16
  • The many faces of America

    Multicultural Canadians believe that you can't respond to terrorist attacks with fear. "That's exactly what terrorists want," they say. Mexicans reminisce about the Polish Pope, who was a very important figure in their country. Americans sense the Holy Spirit in Kraków.

    28-07-2016 10:09
  • This is how Kraków welcomed Pope Francis

    "Vivat Papa, vivat Francis!" chanted the international crowd in the streets of Kraków as the Pope was passing by. People were clapping, shouting, greeting Pope Francis in their own languages. Some of them were even trying to take a selfie with the passing Pope.

    28-07-2016 10:04
  • 200 drawings and 700 rosaries for Pope

    The University Children's Hospital in Prokocim is undergoing preparations for Pope Francis's visit. It is the only hospital in Poland that will host a Pope for the second time.

    28-07-2016 10:00
  • Pope Francis' rides around Kraków

    During the World Youth Days, the Pope will be travelling by car primarily, but the organisers emphasise that the margin for the diplomatic protocol is very broad. The only way he won't be travelling is by bicycle.

    28-07-2016 10:00
  • The Good and the Bad

    On Wednesday evening, Pope Francis appeared from the window of the Kraków Curia for the first time, the first of three such planned meetings. This same window was used by John Paul II during his pilgrimages to Poland, for speaking with the youth.

    28-07-2016 10:00
  • Review of the most important events: Thursday, Friday

    Each of the following two evenings Pope is going to appear in so called Papal Window at the Bishop's Palace in Kraków (3 Franciszkańska Street). However remember that there is no exact time. Read the program of WYD 2016 for thursday and friday.

    28-07-2016 09:59
  • Pikieta antyaborcyjna w tłumie pielgrzymów na Rynku Głównym

    Fundacja PRO - Prawo Do Życia postanowiła nie czekać z pikietą antyaborcyjną do zakończenia ŚDM. Na Rynku Głównym, w tłumie pielgrzymów, wystawiła wielki transparent ze zdjęciem zakrwawionego płodu. Zapowiada także, że pojawiać się tam będzie także w kolejnych dniach.

    27-07-2016 19:48
  • Honorowy prymas USA: Nie popieramy konkretnych polityków

    - W amerykańskiej kampanii prezydenckiej będziemy podnosić ważne dla nas tematy: ochronę życia nienarodzonego, imigrację, służbę zdrowia, pomoc osobom ubogim. Oficjalnie nie popieramy ani Clinton ani Trumpa żeby nie dzielić kościoła - mówi arcybiskup William E. Lori, honorowy prymas USA.

    27-07-2016 15:34
  • Władze Chin utrudniały swoim obywatelom przyjazd na ŚDM

    50 młodych Chińczyków zatrzymano w poniedziałek na lotnisku w Pekinie, tuż przed ich odlotem do Polski na Światowe Dni Młodzieży. Komunistycznym władzom Chin nie podoba się, że ich obywatele chcą wziąć udział w katolickim święcie młodzieży.

    27-07-2016 14:59
  • Don't lose your heads while having fun

    Pilgrims were not scared of the heat wave forecast by meteorologists for Tuesday. From early morning they were walking in groups to the Main Market Square, where they participated in concerts, and even organized their own.

    27-07-2016 10:27
  • Pope Francis will visit the Presentation Sisters

    This Thursday a remarkable guest will set foot over the doorstep of St. John's Church in Kraków.

    27-07-2016 10:00
  • Prayer and grapevine

    Pilgrims have been arriving in Cracow since the previous week. Among them is a group of Jesuits on the MAGIS 2016 program, who had spent the week before World Youth Day not only seeing the city but also working.

    27-07-2016 10:00
  • Scouts on duty even during the WYD 2016

    Scouts, scoutmasters and assistants from different parts of Poland as well as scouts from all over the world have started to gather in the village called Więcławice Stare near Kraków. This is where the largest scouts' town has been erected. For scouts the World Youth Day is not only a religious event, it is also a service.

    27-07-2016 10:00
  • A foreigner's guide to Polish cuisine

    Travelling abroad is not just about beautiful landmarks, but it is also a chance to discover the local cuisine. Fortunately, Kraków has a lot to offer when it comes to local delicacies - here are some recommendations for the things you simply cannot miss.

    27-07-2016 10:00
  • Eco-village welcomes to

    An ecological village, "Laudato Si", has been erected in Krowoderski Park.

    27-07-2016 09:59
  • Rejestracja z auta papieża Franciszka trafi na mobilną klinikę Caritasu

    Papież Franciszek będzie jeździł po Krakowie czterema volkswagenami. Rejestracja jednego z nich z napisem "pope" i apelem "Dołącz do miłosiernych" trafi potem na mobilną klinikę Caritasu.

    26-07-2016 18:21